DetailFLAT10PMS10 Pin Flat Cable connector Male straight pin, PCB mount1,050
DetailFLAT10PFS10 Pin Flat Cable connector Female1,150
DetailFLAT10PMB10 Pin Flat Cable connector Male bended pin, PCB mount1,450
DetailBNCF-BNCFBNC Female to BNC Female convertor2,050
DetailPW-FFemale Power Connector3,200
DetailBNC-MSCBNC Male Screw Connector3,750
DetailPW-MPower Connector Male3,750
DetailBNC59SCREWBNC Connector Directly Screw on Cable4,050
DetailFVC232F9 Pin Female RS232 Connector5,800
DetailFVC232M9 Pin Male RS232 Connector5,800
DetailFVRCAMRCA Male Connector Metal5,800
DetailBNC-MKRBNC Male Krimping Connector8,700
DetailBNC-MSDBNC Male Connector Solder8,700
DetailBNCF-RCAMBNC Female to RCA male convertor14,500
DetailBNCM-RCAFBNC to RCA female convertor14,500
DetailBNCM-RCAMBNC male to RCA male convertor14,500
DetailBNCF-M2TBNC Male to 2x Female T Splitter15,500
DetailBNCF-TBNC Female T Splitter15,500
DetailBNCM-BNCMBNC Male to BNC Male Convertor17,500
DetailCOAXXTCoax Extension Connector17,500
DetailFBNCC1001 Meter BNC patch Cable With 2 pcs male Connector17,500
DetailFBNCC5050 CM BNC Patch Cable with Connectors17,500
DetailFVPWEUR2PINEuro to 2 pin (small) Power Cable17,500
DetailFVPWUK2PINUK to 2 pin (small) Power Cable17,500
DetailFVPWEUR3PINEuro to 3 pin (big) Power Cable26,000
DetailFVPWUK3PINUK to 3 pin (big) Power Cable26,000
DetailFV-CBHDMIHDMI Cable 1.5 Meter52,000
DetailFO-SCFASTSc Fast Krimping Connector for FO58,000
DetailFVDMXCB11 Meter DMX Cable with Male and Female Connector58,000
DetailFV-CBHDMI3HDMI Cable 3 meter good quality model104,000
DetailFVVSP8CH8 Channel Video Surge Protector868,000
DetailFVVSP16CH16 Channel Video Surge Protector1,735,000
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