Access Control

DetailEMCARDAccess Control EM Card (ID Card) EM 125 Khz/ 64 bit8,700
DetailFA-50CMifare 1 Card11,500
DetailFA-50DTan Key (125Khz)12,000
DetailFA-22EXSExit Switch plastic Small29,000
DetailFA-22APExit Switch plastic34,500
DetailFA-22EXMExit Switch plastic Medium40,500
DetailBTACCGEmergency Access release button Green46,500
DetailBTACCREmergency Access release button RED46,500
DetailTMP50X70Termal Paper for Printer46,500
DetailFA-22ASMExit Switch Stainless Steel Small Size58,000
DetailFA-22TCExit Switch touch87,000
DetailFV-GD180Glass Door Bracket for Bolt Lock. Alluminium Alloy87,000
DetailFVMTCABLEAccess Control Mounting Cable87,000
DetailUB001U Bracket for electronic bolt Lock87,000
DetailFA-25Emergency Button With key116,000
DetailUB002MLU Bracket for Magnetic Lock on glass door116,000
DetailFA-22AExit Switch Stainless174,000
DetailFK-280Uu Bracket174,000
DetailFV-FPBAcrylic Finger Print Protection Box with Lock203,000
DetailFAR-T11Access Control125 Kh232,000
DetailLX001LZ Bracket for Magnetic Lock261,000
DetailFV-T80SENReplacement Sensor For FingerPrint290,000
DetailFA-60Electric Lock (Single) 12v 3A318,000
DetailFVDP20HCommax Door Phone for Access Control400,000
DetailFAL-601AElectronic Bolt Lock405,000
DetailFVIDCWKEYWater Proof Access Control Keypad and RFID Reader405,000
DetailFV-GD180LGGlass Door Bracket for Bolt Lock Metal Set463,000
DetailFAR-06EM Card Reader for USB Port521,000
DetailFL-280Magnetic Lock 600 LBS521,000
DetailFVZKX6ZKteco X6 Fingerprint Access Controller. 500 card and 500 fingerprint. No Memory no Interface630,000
DetailFV-DCS01Automatic Door Closer637,000
DetailFV-MIRMifare one Reader For access Control637,000
DetailFV-GD180CSBolt Lock with Glass Door Bracket set840,000
DetailFAR-06HIDHID Card Reader for access System868,000
DetailFAR-GB388RFID Access Control With LCD. 1500 Users, 25000 Records868,000
DetailFVMIUSBUSB Mifare Reader/Writer868,000
DetailFAR-WP5600Water Proof Access Control 2000 Users. IP 681,040,000
DetailFDZ-D001High Sensitivity Vehicle Detector1,090,000
DetailFDZ-D001CGround Sense coil1,090,000
DetailFACE01SCReplacement Screen for Iface1,160,000
DetailFAR-321BEM Access Control with 1 m range1,160,000
DetailFV-MIR34Mifare one Reader For access Control. Wigand 34 Interface1,450,000
DetailFVWCS-01Wireless Call System (System Antrian). WIth remote controller and 3 digit display1,735,000
DetailU4000BU Are Fingerprint sensor (USB)1,735,000
DetailFS-168EM Card Time Attendance and Access Controller2,025,000
DetailFV-T480Color Finger Print Time Attendance System 1000 user. 50.000 Records.2,025,000
DetailFV-T80Color LCD Fingerprint/RFID attendance Machine With TCP/IP, USB and Udisk Download 2000 USERS, 100.000 Records2,025,000
DetailFV-T81Color LCD Fingerprint/RFID attendance Machine With TCP/IP, USB and Udisk Download 2000 USERS, 100.000 Records2,025,000
DetailFV4DACC4 Door Access Controller with 4 Reader Inputs. Support Network2,315,000
DetailFVDPCB01Door Phone, 1 Bell and 1 Monitor. 7 Inch. Cable Connection2,315,000
DetailFVVP8017 Inch Video Phone System (Wired) 1 Screen and 1 Calling Unit2,315,000
DetailFVWIFIDOORWIFI Door Phone (Wireless)2,605,000
DetailTX-628(NEW)Finger Print Attendance System. 2000 user, RS485/USB and TCP/IP2,780,000
DetailFVLS9LS9 Finger Print Door Lock2,810,000
DetailAGX214PThermal Printer for Access Control2,950,000
DetailFDZ-P300PVC Ticket Box 260*110*1380 mm3,175,000
DetailFV-SK1000Color Finger Print Time Attendance System 2000 user. 60.000 Records.3,185,000
DetailFV-F18Finger Print/Mifare Access Contoller, High Speed, Color Display. 1500 Finger Prints and 30.000 Records. Support RS485 and TCP/IP. Include Tamper Alarm3,360,000
DetailFV-VF300Face Recognition Attendance system with ID Card Support. 3 Inch Touch Screen. Dual Sensor, 200 Face3,475,000
DetailFVC091Fingerprint Attendance system RF/ID Mifare Capable, 3000 Users,100.000 Records. USB/TCPIP3,765,000
DetailFV2DACC2 Door Access Controller with 2 Reader Inputs. Including Power Supply In Metal Box3,935,000
DetailFAF-07Finger Print Access Controller4,100,000
DetailACTCTRAccess Controller, 2 Door with SDK4,340,000
DetailFACE01Face Recognition & ID Card Attendance system4,340,000
DetailWG26CVWiegand 26 to 34 Convertor4,340,000
DetailFACE02Face Recognition & FingerPrint Attendance system4,630,000
DetailFDZ-D613Electronic BArrier Gate. boom length 1-5m13,040,000
DetailTURNSTTurnstyle (Without Controller Interface)19,500,000
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