Alarm Systems

DetailFB-131Wired Alarm Magnetic Contact for wooden door23,000
DetailFB-134Wired Magnetic Contact for wooden door(small)26,000
DetailFB-135BWired Magnetic Contact for wooden door(round)26,000
DetailFB-136Wired Magnetic Contact for metal door(round)26,000
DetailAF-03Wireless rolling(shutter) detector32,000
DetailAF-31Indepedent door Sensor52,000
DetailAF-10Wired Horn Sirene 12V 115db58,000
DetailAF-05Wireless Emergency Button69,500
DetailFB-169BWired Electric SireneLight BLUE69,500
DetailFB-169RWired Electric SireneLight Red69,500
DetailFB-RMEXLCDExtra Remote for GSM alarm System LCD69,500
DetailFB-137AWired Magnetic Contact for Rolling Door(all-zn)94,500
DetailFB-161Wired Small Flashing light and Sirene101,000
DetailFVA-SIR01Alarm Flashing Light104,000
DetailFB-181Wired PIR Detector(motion sensor)116,000
DetailFB-RMEXExtra Remote for GSM alarm System116,000
DetailAF-14Wireless PIR Curtain motion detector122,000
DetailFB-138Wired Magnetic Contact for Metal Door122,000
DetailFB-130Wireless Magnetic Contact for door127,000
DetailFB-182Wired PIR Detector, Anti Pet(motion sensor) for alarm127,000
DetailAF-18Wired Smoke Detector133,000
DetailFB-119Human Induction Switch139,000
DetailFB-137BWired Magnetic Contact for Rolling Door(all-Al)145,000
DetailFB-160Wired Sirene for Alarm System145,000
DetailFV-AF38Glass Break Detector for Alarm System145,000
DetailFVWTYK500-1KSingle Button for Water Table System145,000
DetailAF-17Independent smoke detector151,000
DetailAF-29Anti-lost alarm174,000
DetailFB-183Wired Ceiling PIR Detector, (motion sensor)174,000
DetailFV-AF87GWired Gas Detector174,000
DetailFVWTYK500-1FSingle Button for Water Table System174,000
DetailFVWTYK500-33 Button Wall mount Button for Water Table System174,000
DetailFB-187Wireless PIR Detector, (motion sensor)191,000
DetailAF-19Wireless Smoke Detector208,000
DetailFB-117Wired Photoelectro Smoke Detector208,000
DetailFV-SR01Sirene with sound 12 Volt 10W226,000
DetailFV-AFS01Alarm On Off Switch Metal261,000
DetailFVWTYK500-6CThree Button with advertising stand for Water Table System261,000
DetailFVWTYK500-6KTwo Button with advertising stand for Water Table System261,000
DetailFV-38Glas break Sensor for Alarm with UPS290,000
DetailFB-189Wireld vibration/impact Sensor318,000
DetailAF-15Wired Intelligent PIR roof detector347,000
DetailFB-OTBA2Metal Box for alarm system405,000
DetailFV-KEYB1Additional keypad for alarm system434,000
DetailFB-167Wired Large Flashing light and Sirene463,000
DetailFB-OTBMetal Box for alarm system with sirene and flash light463,000
DetailAF-WRERange Extender for Wireless Alarm579,000
DetailAF-06Wireless Alarm Booster 433 Mhz625,000
DetailAF16-AIndependent watchdog alarm683,000
DetailAF-40Outdoor Beam Detector 40 Meter695,000
DetailAF-0210-L2 Beam Barrier 10 Meter724,000
DetailFB-832GSM Alarm System, 7 Wired/28 Wireless Zones1,070,000
DetailFB-LCD128PSTN Alarm System With LCD1,070,000
DetailFBB-810LInfra Red Barrier 10 Meter Range, 167cm Height. 8 Beams1,160,000
DetailAF-0440-L4 Beams Barrier 40 Meter1,185,000
DetailFBB-820LInfra Red Barrier 20 Meter Range, 167cm Height. 8 Beams1,215,000
DetailFVBH-150Alarm Sensor 150m Range 4 Beam.1,305,000
DetailFB-832DSPV2GSM Alarm System With LCD and 2 remote1,420,000
DetailFB-835DSPPSTN Alarm System With LCD1,420,000
DetailFVWTDSP1LCD Display For Waiter Calling System1,450,000
DetailFBB-840LInfra Red Barrier 40 Meter Range, 167cm Height. 8 Beams1,505,000
DetailFBB-860LInfra Red Barrier 60 Meter Range, 167cm Height. 8 Beams1,590,000
DetailFB-840Alarm Control Panel (8 wired defense zones)1,620,000
DetailFBB-880LInfra Red Barrier 80 Meter Range, 176cm Height. 8 Beams1,735,000
DetailFB-842Alarm Control Panel (16 wired defense zones)1,855,000
DetailFA-W04ALMGS, PSTN,WIFI alarm system With LDC Build in back up battery. Can be controlled by SMS/Tlp. & App, 1 Sirene, 1 Motion Dector and 1 door sensor. 4 Wired Zones and Siren output1,890,000
DetailFB-832DSPGSM Alarm System With LCD and 2 remote2,025,000
DetailFB-832DSP2GSM Alarm System With LCD and 2 remote2,025,000
DetailFB-832DSP3GSM Alarm System With LCD and 2 remote2,025,000
DetailFB-832WSTWireless Touch GSM Alarm System With LCD and 2 remote4,630,000
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