SPY Gadgets

DetailUVPENUV Pen with Build in UV Light46,500
DetailSP-028Disapearing Pen. After 1 hour writing is gone116,000
DetailSP-018BCar Remote Spy Camera with2MP Video and audio Recording . With SD Card Slot174,000
DetailSP-018Car Key Spy Camera 2 MP Video Without SD Card203,000
DetailPDVRPen with build in Camera and Video recorder SD Memory261,000
DetailFVUSBVCUSB Flashdisk Voice recorder 4GB290,000
DetailFVDHVDoor Hole Viewer/ Mini Binoculairs318,000
DetailFVXB-68Spy Camera Detector347,000
DetailFVWN689Long Range Wifi (500mw)550,000
DetailWDVR4Watch DVR 4GB rubber wrist579,000
DetailSP-019Hat Hidden Spy Camera 4GB608,000
DetailFVLRAUDILong Range Audio Listen Device637,000
DetailSP-030Flash Light Hidden Camera. with SD Card slot637,000
DetailSPYMUGSpy Coffee Mug. Hidden Camera with SD Card Slot695,000
DetailFV-3GCAR3G Car DVR With Sim Card Module and 2.5 inch tft782,000
DetailSP-CHG01Handphone Charger Camera. 8GB Memory811,000
DetailSP-CLD01Digital Clock With Hidden Camera868,000
DetailFV-X009Spy GSM With 1.3 MP Camera (Use Sim Card)926,000
DetailSP-0128.1 Mega Pixel Mobile DVR SD Card Memory1,160,000
DetailSP-020Tie Hidden Camera 4Gb Memory1,245,000
DetailFV-DMS01Digital Microscope. Up to 300x Zoom. Connect to USB1,450,000
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